Meet Ishaan, a blood cancer fighter, struggling to continue his treatment amidst COVID-19

Meet Ishaan, a blood cancer fighter, struggling to continue his treatment amidst COVID-19

Ishaan, a 19-year-old boy from Faridabad was diagnosed with blood cancer in March 2019. Mr Jaspal Singh, father of Ishaan, works in an Accountancy Firm in Okhla and having a family of five; two sons, a daughter and wife, Ishaan is his eldest son. On hearing the news of cancer their whole family was shattered emotionally and financially with the pain that hit hard on them. Ishaan’s father, Jaspal Singh mentioned that cancer had already spread exponentially in Ishaan’s body, and they could do nothing but only pray to God and to wait for a donor for bone marrow transplant matching his son’s DNA.

They were fortunate to have a donor from Ahmedabad, and Ishaan underwent a risky surgery of transplantation in November, 2019. His family was determined to face the colossal struggle that came their way to save Ishaan’s life. Mr. Jaspal Singh sold one of his properties in Faridabad for the treatment of his son. Even then, the treatment of cancer proved to be a great financial burden due to the enormous expenditure on Ishaan’s high dose chemotherapy treatment, hospitalization, regular tests and expensive medicines.

Mr. Jaspal Singh came to know about Win Over Cancer from Dr. Suman Gupta, Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad. Win Over Cancer helped Ishaan in several ways in his fight for life. They received discounts on bills for chemotherapy treatment and partial payment received from Win Over Cancer through a Donor. The constant support and regular counselling from Win Over Cancer has helped the family in the most difficult and struggling period of their life.

Due to the national lockdown as a response to the COVID – 19 pandemic, Mr. Singh has not received his salary since March 2020 and the family is trapped into heavy debt. Ishaan’s freedom from cancer is still a far-fetched dream for his family and amidst the lockdown, it is proving to be quite a task for his father to manage the expenses for his treatment. All he can do now is pray to the almighty.

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