Meet Nisha, a 42 year old breast cancer survivor

Meet Nisha, a 42 year old breast cancer survivor

Living in Bareilly with her family, Nisha is a 42-year-old teacher who was, in one of her routine doctor check-ups, accidentally diagnosed with breast cancer due to wish she had to leave her job. With an abundance of support from her family, she traveled all the way to Delhi and started with the treatment at AIIMS, eventually undergoing mastectomy. With the lack of education and awareness she never heard of a prosthetic bra and continued with her life, ultimately having severe back and neck pain. After getting to know about the prosthesis, she started looking for cheaper alternatives but never had any luck finding them. During one of her routine check-ups at AIIMS, she saw our poster and contacted us. The next day, she was given two prosthetic bras for free together with instructions and a detailed manual. This is the first time she will be using a prosthetic bra and says that she had never seen one of this kind.

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