Meet Maroti Hazira, a 21 year old cancer survivor

Meet Maroti Hazira, a 21 year old cancer survivor

Project “Survive” – How a fusion of technology in project “Survive” helped this cancer survivor child.

Meet Maroti Hazira, a 21 year old cancer survivor from rural Maharashtra. His village is 55 km from the nearest town.

This brave Maratha’s two year fight with cancer took a toll on his hearing abilities. Cancer consumed their only source of earning, their ancestral land. The family was struggling to meet ends and had no means for the boy to continue his studies. But true to the Great Maratha spirit, this boy decided to take the situation heads on. His limited understanding of Hindi and English did not deter his confidence.
He came to know about our Project “Survive” through an NGO and contacted us. With some difficulty we explained him the process of downloading the app and advised to connect with us when the app is downloaded. After 30 minutes when we called him, he had downloaded the app using a friend’s phone, surfed through the skill development centres near his village using the app’s Marathi version, spoken to the owner of the centre and fixed a counselling session with him! Rest is history. The boy will be completing his training in basic accounting, Tally and computer operations. This should get him a job with earnings of appx Rs 8 to 10K per month enabling him to resume his studies and provide some support to his family.

This is the power of technology which has helped a fighter win the battle of all adversities!


The organization successfully places the cancer survivors in the society through medical guidance, information, and financial independence. The mission of Win Over Cancer is threefold: survive, support, and save.