Nothing can beat a woman, creator of the world. Not even cancer!

Nothing can beat a woman, creator of the world. Not even cancer!

Sakwan is from the north-eastern state of Meghalaya. A family of three including her husband and son, she was living very comfortably in their newly bought 2bhk flat. This moment of bliss was very short lived though because her husband was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2015 and her entire world came crumbling down upon her.

He was suffering from a cancer in the larynx gland and naturally all of his time and energy had to be invested in his treatment, but due to this prolonged absence from work, he lost his job and the only source of income for his family. Slowly, the cost of treatment began taking a toll of Sakwan’s savings, then eventually the savings, insurance, jewellery, car and all other assets began to run out.

It was a terrible time for Sakwan and the family, but the biggest shock came when even after trying every means to save her husband, he succumbed to cancer two years later in 2017. Within a period of just two years, the family had to give up on their flat and move to the suburban area with no savings and a loan of almost 5 lac rupees from her relatives.

The only hope in Sakwan’s life was her son now and although she had no prior work experience, she still had a decent graduate degree with her. This is when she approached Win Over Cancer for assistance, having had heard about our financial rehabilitation program. Although she was well versed in Hindi, her command over English was really good and therefore, we helped her enroll into a basic accounting and computer training at Tally Education.

With her hard work and effort, post her training she was soon engaged by a renowned Chartered Accountant firm in Gurgaon as an Admin and Accounts trainee. Two years down the line, she had managed to pick herself financially as well as emotionally and even got an out of turn promotion as the Accounting head at her firm because of all her hard work and resilience.

The future of her son which seemed uncertain after her husband’s death, looks very bright now and he has already progressed successfully to the 9th grade. The vacuum of the father figure would be impossible to replace, but the financial stability has surely given them a safe ground and an anchor to root on for the tough times and towards a brighter future.


The organization successfully places the cancer survivors in the society through medical guidance, information, and financial independence. The mission of Win Over Cancer is threefold: survive, support, and save.