I’m a 24-year-old girl. I was diagnosed for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, when I was 20. I’m perfectly all right now just like any other normal person. 🙂 I always feel lucky for getting cancer. Don’t think otherwise. 🙂 Cancer changed me a lot. It taught me to embrace every moment of Life. My perception towards life has changed for the better. It taught me to slow down, and to care of those, who loves us. It made me to understand the suffering of others.  It also made me to rethink about my career plans. I understood that Life is too short to work just to earn for the living. So, I chose to go for the work I love. 🙂

Seriously I’m like a Gajini, and I always forget that I’m a cancer survivor until someone reminds me. Coping up with treatment was very easy for me because at the time I had to cope up with the love failure, which was a lot more difficult for me than treatment. My 4-year love was ended, when I told him that I was attacked by cancer. And now I’m happy for all those things for it made me realize who really cares for me. Though my treatment didn’t stop me to continue my studies, I chose to take a break to make myself stronger physically and emotionally. I read the book, “You can heal your Life” at that time. It helped me a lot. I picked up my hobbies, which I ignored earlier. A year later I started my career. And now I have much more bigger plans for the future, thanks for the support of my parents and my doctor 🙂 Every time I see my treatment file, I kiss it with love because it reminds me that I’m a Fighter and a Winner. I can surely say that Cancer came as a blessing in my Life. 🙂