Anjali was happily living with Manoj and their six year old son ashu at a posh Delhi location ( names changed). Manoj was working with an export house as their logistics head. Theirs was one of those higher middle class families of a metro who believed in living in today and enjoy life. In 2011 they had moved to their new flat and life seemed to be going smooth.
It all started when in 2013 Manoj had a prolonged cough and started spitting blood. They went to a renowned hospital and investigations confirmed that Manoj had an advanced Larynx cancer. It was something shocking for them. They followed their doctors advise and started the treatment without a delay. During the treatment, medical policy amount exhausted and Anjali had to sell off some of her jewellery. They had already exhausted their savings while buying this flat. After three months, the credits of salary stopped. Manoj’s boss assured them that he can resume job once cured but till then will have to be without pay. Manoj’s treatment was not over. They needed money for the same. They needed money for the EMI, household expenses, Ashu’s fee…. Relatives and friends came up for help…but treatment was just sucking money. After eight months when the treatment was over, they came for another shock… Manoj’s voice glands had been damaged due to cancer and including treatment and had permanently lost his voice.
They had not paid EMI for six months and got any eviction notice from bank. Sold off their car in a last attempt to save house…alas..the respite wad short lived. After three months, they had to vacate the house and move to a slum location.
At this point of time this family came in our contact. We analysed Manoj’s and Anjali’s profiles. Manoj had 14 years experience, was good at computers, but could not speak. Anjali was a graduate and had been a housewife. We identified stone work from home research assignments for Manoj. Somehow things could not work our. His health was inconsistent. Meanwhile their financial health was also deteriorating day by day. One day, a power fluctuation in the locality blew up his laptop. Manoj was broken and wept for four hours. Anjali called us. We went to their home for the first time. They were living in a vacant godown in a busy down market commercial area. This was tough for a family living in a plush location a year and half back. We discussed various options for them but Anjali had no confidence, no experience and no money to invest. She needed to be with Manoj to take care. We sat for lunch. The food was amazing. With limited budget she had cooked an amazing food. Immediately we were stuck with an idea, Anjali you are an excellent cook… you are living in a commercial hub… let us start tiffin services… i found see the glitter in her. eyes which faded instantly…i don’t have money… we will work out the same…we told her.
Rest is history. We arranged micro finance for Anjali. Volunteers started initial marketing for her. After eight months, Anjali is supplying over 300 tiffins everyday with her team.
( Manoj had a relapse and left for heavenly abode in January this year).