Nice talking to Arunji and reading posts here . As a blog I read ” I am fighter and a Winner and I am a hero” means to me a lot. Just hearing a lecture in TV . If you do good deeds you will get all the facilities when you are in a fight 🙂 . I got all the help by my Gurus Grace . Landed in USA for job and right place I was in. I was getting vertigo and so went to a doctor nearby. He was old and in his 70s may be. He told me to go for MRI. I thought why to waste money 😉 . He called me continuously and asked me to go for MRI. I was thinking why in this country they are forcing me to do MRI. Then finally I decided to go to MRI and a friend dropped me. I booked a return Taxi home and was waiting. I was asking for MRI report and front desk told me to go to emergency room. Then radiologist told some big mass inside, could not understand and was confused. Then got to know it was tumor and need to operate immediately. Gods Grace I was in right place and a lot of support. My Family ,Amma satang of Minnesota and colleagues were very helpful. Surgery was done by Indian doctor and he told me he did surgery as if doing to his own brother. 33 days of radiation and I donot know driving too :). Great help from My Guru Ammas disciples (Amma Satsang of Minnesota) , my cousins and collegues. They dropped me everyday to hospital. 6 months of chemo passed and tumor recurred. Doctors scheduled a second surgery. My wife had to leave with kid to India as we were unable to manage all the happenings. In US they will treat and then only release from hospital. I was lying alone and devotees of Amma gave me details of letter what Amma told for me. Neuro PSychatrist who was in charge of me came and looked at the letter. He saw the letter and told me “If Ammachi tells to go to India you have to go and get treatment there”. Same here got a doctor who was an American but Annai devotee and involved in activities of pondichery Arvind Ashram. He knows about my Guru Amma and had got Her blessings.