Prosthetic bra

Prosthetic bra

A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast made for breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy. Mastectomy is the removal of one or both the breast in which cancerous lumps and cells have developed.

The breast prosthesis is made up of a variety of materials ranging from silicone to foam to fabric and is moulded in the shape of a woman’s breast so that she can wear it after the surgery. The breast prosthesis is usually fitted inside a bra which has an inner pocket lining in which the prosthesis is inserted.

The need for wearing a prosthetic bra: many people think that breast prosthesis’s sole purpose is cosmetic in nature, but it is not true. When a woman undergoes mastectomy, it leads to a severe imbalance in her body weight and structure, which could eventually lead to Scoliosis, back pain and shoulder pain. Therefore, it is highly advised by medical practitioners for these women to wear on a Prosthetic bra.

Reasons for the low usage of breast prosthesis:

  • The most important reason for the lack of use is the lack of knowledge and awareness. Most of the people are not aware of the medical need for wearing a prosthesis.
  • The silicone and other available variants of breast prosthesis available in the market are very expensive and beyond the limit of the patients who have already incurred so much cost during their treatment.

A summary comparative analysis of the compatibility of different alternatives viz. a viz. our prosthesis is as below:

Feature WOC Silicon (High End) Silicon (Low End) Foam Fabric Latex
Compatibility to Patient’s body structure
Hypo-allergic properties
Deciphering properties
Total 8 6 3 2 3 5
Total 0 2 5 6 5 3
*Costing (difference in price in Rupees) 2000 15000-20000 3000-12000 300 255 300

Win Over Cancer’s approach to address this issue: when our co-founder Kavita Gupta interacted with breast cancer patients, she came to know of this problem and from there she began her advent of making breast prosthesis available to all breast cancer survivors (who have undergone mastectomy) irrespective of financial and other constraints.

Once the product was ready, elongated consultations and discussions took place with doctors at AIIMS and it was approved by them in the year 2016, with an additional approval for starting a Prosthetic bra distribution program weekly program there to distribute the prosthesis to patients at AIIMS.

WOC also distributes the Prosthetic bra for free to any patients who get in contact with them through phone or e-mail.

The program has been running very successfully for the past two years and Win Over Cancer has received many awards, accolades, recognition and appreciation from all quarters of the society. This year, a second weekly distribution has been started for the Saturday OPD at AIIMS.

Make a request to get your free prosthetic bra: You can make a request by filling up the request from given below or by sending us an email at

Documents required to get a Prosthetic bra:

  • A copy of a patient’s OPD card/discharge summary.
  • Any valid government issued photo identity card is required.

Patients living in Delhi and Delhi NCR can visit us at our bi-weekly AIIMS OPD distribution on Wednesday (2-4pm) and Saturday (9-12pm). For the outstation request, we will deliver it through courier services.

More than 1872 patients have been using WOC’s prosthetic bra from across India in the last two years.

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