Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing

ThetaHealing clients have experienced instant regression from cancer, sickle cell anemia, infections from bacteria and viruses, chronic pain, autism, anxiety and depression, auto-immune conditions, thyroid cancer and disorders, Alzheimer’s, hormonal imbalance, physical abuse and trauma, fear, weight issues, and many more conditions. Clients have also found their soul/life purpose, balance in mind, body, and spirit, as well as their “most compatible” soulmate for this lifetime using the ThetaHealing technique. To know more about ThetaHealing and Vianna Stibal, visit www.thetahealing.com.

The Alternative Cancer Treatment program takes the psychological and spiritual aspect of the patient into consideration, as part of its commitment to holistic healing and treating the whole person than just the disease.

The ThetaHealing technique is intended as supplement to traditional medical care, not a substitute for it.

Life Coach Malini Rustagi is a firm believer and Certified Practitioner of ThetaHealing®, Tarot, Reiki, Numerology, Dowsing, Color Therapy, Past Life Regression and healing through Tarot..
Email ID: malini.rustogi@gmail.com, malini.rustagi@rediffmail.com


The organization successfully places the cancer survivors in the society through medical guidance, information, and financial independence. The mission of Win Over Cancer is threefold: survive, support, and save.