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Our “Project Support” intends to provide support during the treatment phase. It wishes to reduce the cost of treatment.Cancer is a dreaded disease in India. There is still a stigma associated with the disease. This leads to a lack of support systems for cancer patients. 

Since 2016

6 Million

INR saved in cost of Treatment

75 + Patients 


21 Patients 

Supported in 2022-23

Treatment of cancer is a financially and emotionally draining process. Patients, especially from economically weaker sections, need our support.

Under Project Support, we provide treatment to patients at our partner hospitals. The hospitals select beneficiaries as per their economic and social background.

They also provide a discount on hospitalization charges as well as waive OPD/IPD consultation charges. We help patients with their treatment. Especially, children with cancer are further supported by helping them get back to school post treatment.

Some of Our Beneficiaries 

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