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Shipping and Delivery Policy

Shipping and Delivery Policy


1. Donation Receipts and Tax Benefit Certificates


1.1 Upon receipt of a donation, Win Over Cancer will issue a donation receipt to the donor.


1.2 Donors may request a donation receipt and a 80G 12A certificate for tax benefit purposes by contacting Win Over Cancer via email at or through any other designated communication channel provided by Win Over Cancer.


1.3 Win Over Cancer will process donation receipt and tax benefit certificate requests promptly upon receipt of the request.


1.4 Donation receipts and tax benefit certificates will be issued electronically, unless a physical copy is specifically requested by the donor.


2. Shipping and Delivery


2.1 Win Over Cancer does not engage in the shipping or delivery of physical goods or products.


2.2 As a not-for-profit organization focused on supporting cancer patients, raising awareness, and funding research initiatives, Win Over Cancer's services primarily involve facilitating donations and providing information and support resources.


2.3 Any communication, documentation, or materials related to donations, including donation receipts and tax benefit certificates, will be delivered electronically to the email address provided by the donor.


2.4 Win Over Cancer is committed to ensuring timely and accurate delivery of donation receipts and tax benefit certificates to donors.


3. Contact Us


3.1 If you have any questions or concerns about our shipping and delivery policy, donation receipts, or tax benefit certificates, please contact us at


By engaging with Win Over Cancer's services and making donations, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this Shipping and Delivery Policy. This policy is subject to change without prior notice, and any updates will be effective upon posting on our website or other communication channels.

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