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"Defying the Odds: Nidhi Singh's Unyielding Journey Through Cancer"

“It all started in 2014 when knots were removed from my breast but the biopsy reports stated that everything was normal.” Ms. Nidhi Singh’s story is definitely an inspiring one. She is a woman with high spirits who has gone through many surgeries but still stands bold and confident.

Nidhi got diagnosed with Phyllode Tumour- a rare type of breast cancer- in 2017. Her treatments included radiation therapy and she went on to have her surgery in February, 2018. 1Kg of knots were removed and further 3 ribs which had got damaged had to be taken out of her body. What caused her more problems was her back surgery which happened just after the operation. She ended up getting it done twice.

However, this determined teacher from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh did not give up and started with her session in April, 2018 after just 2 months of her surgery. She used to go for her radiation therapy sessions after attending a full day at school. She also took care of her very young daughter. She says, “It was a way to distract myself from the sadness, the negative atmosphere and the frequent hospital visits.” Fortunately, she had her family’s full support and she feels eternally grateful to God to give her the strength to fight cancer. She states that diseases like this in fact make people confident to deal with anything in life. She was provided a free prosthetic bra by Win Over Cancer in June, 2018 and she feels that all her problems have been solved. Now she doesn’t feel empty anymore.

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