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"Embracing Resilience: Sarita's Courageous Battle Against Cancer"

Ms. Sarita Negi, a mother of 2, is one strong woman to have dealt with cancer and is fighting with it again. She got diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2013 at the age of 28 and with throat cancer about 2 years ago. She noticed a lump on her breast which created a burning sensation and thus decided to get it checked. Sarita went on to visit a doctor in Rishikesh who removed the lump- but that was not all! He further sent the sample to a big hospital in Delhi. This young woman, from a small village near Rishikesh then got to know that she had cancer. She was taken aback with no idea what to do and where to go. The doctors then referred her to AIIMS Delhi where her treatment finally began. Her tests and surgery was done to remover her breast. She says, “I felt that my body was incomplete, it lacked something important.” A part of her womanhood was taken away. It has been a long journey since then and now she feels better.

She used to wear a foam bra handmade by her which was not the most effective solution when she got to know about the prosthetic bras. Win Over Cancer fortunately provided her with a free bra and it was a life changing moment for her. It definitely made a difference; she feels more comfortable and says, “My body doesn’t feel empty anymore.” She is no longer worried about her appearance while stepping out. The fight with cancer continues but you can help patients like Sarita win over it by donating. Donate and be a reason for someone’s confidence, self-esteem and their happy life. Every bit of it count.

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