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"Finding Beauty Beyond Scars: Rakhi's Journey of Self-Acceptance and Strength"

“Why is my body changing? What if its cancer?” wondered Ms. Rakhi Gupta when she observed tightening of her breast. She had contemplating thoughts about getting it checked due to the fear of a painful test. She finally got diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2017. She had ignored other symptoms for quite a while now and the condition had naturally worsened. The “what ifs” were coming to a reality now.

Rakhi expresses “it felt like ground slipping off of her feet’. In august 2017, she went through her surgery and her right breast was removed leaving a void in her body. She simply doesn’t want to remember that day. Rakhi and her family had already suffered a lot. She had to deal with appearance consciousness. She stopped stepping out of her house and her social life had come to a halt. The fact that she doesn’t have a breast, made her anxious and panicky.

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