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"Finding Strength in Silence: Rajni's Journey of Resilience"

Miss Rajni is a middle-aged working woman. Ups and downs are more or less everybody’s part of life. But in late 2018 after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Rajni landed in a bigger trough. Initially, it was reduced appetite and more fatigue that led her to go for a check-up. After a few tests doctor confirmed that she had cancer in her left breast. With few chemotherapies and primary treatment, she got her left breast removed in February 2019. Removal of one of her breasts definitely got her out of this trough but she was yet to get over with it mentally. Her body got disfigured.

Her imbalanced body used to get her so many strange looks and awkward starings that they used to make her mental strata unstable. “ I used to feel ashamed all the time” shares Rajni. One day in the hospital she met volunteers who gave her a prosthetic bra. She claims that wearing that bra was almost like wearing my confidence again. She says “now I can travel and go to my job again without garnering those eerie looks”. Moreover, she recommends it. Comparing our lives with hers, we may only come up with sympathy, but believe me, we might not be able to deal with just one of those sudden rolling sets of eyeballs

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