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"Rebuilding Myself: Anita's Journey of Healing and Empowerment"

Mrs. Anita Goyal a home-maker, a Cancer Survivor. She used to have usual aches in her chest. Initially, she did not pay much attention to these pains and had few routine check-ups. Doctors told her that she was suffering from breast cancer. Her breasts had to be removed. “I felt incomplete and would avoid any kind of gatherings” share Anita”. She almost became a stranger to her social life, to avoid her constant fight with her own-self. During her chemotherapies, she came to know about the prosthetic bra. After wearing that bra she was able to get back to her social and public life.

In her words, “ Most of the time it is me who tells about my breast cancer because it almost becomes impossible for the other person to notices it by themselves. To me, it never feels that I do not have a breast.” She never misses a chance to express her gratitude towards those donors and volunteers who gave her that prosthetic bra.

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