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"Unveiling My Strength : Reclaiming Confidence with Breast Prosthesis "

Breast removal impacted my confidence. I used to feel embarrassed around people. But since I started using breast prothesis I can easily go out to weddings and attend family functions without feeling embarrassment.

Jasbir Kaur is a 51 year old breast cancer survivor who lives with her husband and three sons. Her journey beginning from her diagnosis till the treatment had been very challenging, but it was her husband and three sons who kept her going at every step.

She broke down when she saw herself for the first time in front of the mirror after surgery. She would use cloth and padded bras while going out.

It was when she was introduced with the Win Over Cancer's breast prosthesis by the senior doctor at GTB hospital that she took a sigh of relief so much so that today she does not even feel as if she ever got any surgery done.

She expresses her gratitude to Win Over Cancer for restoring her confidence and dignity, and now she can go out without any hesitation or anxiety.

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