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"Rising from Within: Likitha's Triumph Over Breast Cancer"

“It was not just a lump but a big lump inside my body”, says Mrs. Likitha Sharma. A woman who have all her mental status so strong & powerful, manages her own treatment even after looking after her kids & home. With all strength she went for the check up to safdarjung but nothing was diagnosed. She was amazed then what’s the reason of the pain and this big lump in her body? She went to AIIMS & was told this big lump was breast cancer.

Chemo therapy took away her hair. Surgery took away her breast.

he said,” The struggles always let you go back but it’s your will power & determination that never stops you to step forward in life.” Mrs. Likitha said,” after recalling those days, It wasn’t easy to wear whatever I want to. It was easier in saree as it cover up but difficult in clothes I prefer to, so she avoided moving out & meeting around.”

But one day a light in her life emerged. On Saturday morning, WINOVER CANCER at AIIMS was providing free prosthetic bras. “I could never afford something like this. Win Over Cancer not just helped me with breast prosthesis but it helped me to shape my body with utmost comfort &confidence. I had lost one very important parts of my body. My breast. But now, after wearing the breast prosthesis, it feels I never lost it” Says Likitha. Survivors like her who help other patients with support & confidence during her visit to hospital now tell them that one should be happy that you overcome such a disease but do remember, this prosthetic bras who make you feel alive again. Donate for a cause & be someone’s Saturday morning & let them feel alive again

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