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The Driving Force of Hope: Pooja's Journey as a Breast Cancer Survivor

Pooja Jain, a breast cancer survivors who empowers other women by teaching them how to drive.

Pooja, a 42 year old, is a single mother. She is a mother of 3 children and lives separately from her husband and his family. To make a living she teaches how to drive a scooty to other women.

During the second COVID lockdown, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors informed her that her breast will have to be removed and she will have to undergo chemo and radiation therapy. Even during this dire time, her husband and his family did not come to her help. Her own family helped her and her children.

She shares "as a woman, it was very difficult for me to accept that my breast has been removed. The only hope I saw was, my need for my children and their future, which gave me courage to fight it".

She further shared "though after losing my breast to cancer I lost all my confidence. I did not know how to even step out of my house like this...but after I received the breast prosthesis for Win Over Cancer, it was like a second life I got after cancer. Now, just like before, I feel like a woman again and am able to empower other women by teaching them to drive scooty".

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