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"Unveiling Strength: Harshdeep's Journey Through Cancer"

Harshdeep, a young lady and a proud sikhani was happy in her marriage. She had just celebrated her 2nd anniversary. One day she found oozing fluid out of her breasts. She found it weird and went for a check-up. Results made her world shatter. How can someone so young be diagnosed with breast cancer?

Being a sikh, she had long beautiful hair. She lost them. But moreover, her breast had to be removed. “Times were very tough. I had lost all my hair, my breast and my confidence”. “In my entire family, I was the only one who fought with cancer and I was the only woman with short hair and with no breast. It felt strange. It hurt a lot.”

These were her words when she first time met Win Over Cancer volunteers at AIIMS Delhi. Only because of donors like you, we were able to gift her with prosthetic bra. She says, “my life after cancer can never be the same, but my life after getting prosthetic bra has changed further. It has been 2 years since I am using Win Over Cancer’s prosthetic bra. I feel more confident than before. I feel stronger than before. I love my life. I love myself.” She says that she is really grateful to God for giving her the strength to fight the disease. She is blessed to have found Win Over Cancer who gifted her with a more confident self. And we are super blessed to have donors like you who have been supporting us, sending us love and donations to help people like Harshdeep.

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