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"A Glimmer of Hope: Dharamveer's Battle Against Cancer and the Support of Win Over Cancer"

Meet Dharamveer, a 58-year-old man living in Faridabad, Haryana. A farmer by occupation, he belongs to Hisar and has three sons.

He decided to go for a random health check-up in a health camp by an NGO. The exact cause of the pain was not discovered and he was advised to use a heat pad to subdue the internal inflammation. However, even after some time, the situation did not improve and he decided to take a second opinion.

Dharamveer visited a hospital and got some heart wrenching news, “Cancer was detected in my throat. I felt helpless but my family gave me the hope and emotional strength. My nephew helped me locate a hospital for treatment and was on his toes in order to serve my newly found disability.”

Dharamveer’s only source of income is his agricultural produce. But owing to India’s poor infrastructure this income is seasonal and highly dependent on the elements. “I work as a thekedar” says Dharamveer, “I have no other source of definite income. We do Thekedari when we need money or to keep my sons engaged in work, but this sector is very unrealizable. The Sahab log have us work for four days a week and pay us daily wages rather than a fixed income”

Money is a big problem for Dharamveer. His income sources are erratic and paydays are few and far in between. Funding his cancer treatment was out of question for a family living hand to mouth. After failing to acquire the funds needed from friends and family, he finally approached Win Over Cancer for financial aid.

“A close relative of mine told me about this organization. At last, I did feel hopeful and blessed as the God had shown us the way.”

So often the expensive medical treatment can leave patients with a poor economic background with a lot of anxiety about spending so much on their own selves, when their family has better use of the money, like securing monthly ration. But now Dharamveer has found hope again.

He wants to live again as the cancer treatment is now majorly funded by Win Over Cancer. “I am immensely grateful to the people who have contributed to this organization selflessly and it is only because of their generosity that underprivileged people like us have a hope to live” he states.

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