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"Against All Odds: Gauri's Journey Through Aggressive Cancer and the Triumph of Support"

What happens when a young girl, in her teenage, is afflicted with one of the most aggressive cancer’s out there and her parents are not there to support her? Meet Gauri, a 15 yr. old from Faridabad who came to us through Dr Sumant Gupta.

Gauri suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is a very aggressive cancer of the lymphatic system. Her mother passed away quite some time ago and her father is an alcoholic who cannot and does not bother to care for his child. Gauri is supported by her grandfather, a retired BSES official who makes a pension of INR 32,000 every.

In his old age Layak Singh (the grandfather) was charged with saving the life of his teenage granddaughter. When Dr. Sumant Gupta told us about this family and their desperate situation we immediately sprung into action and gathered together the funds necessary to provide her with the treatment she needed.

“Dr. Sumant Gupta was a God sent into our lives; I have never met a better doctor in my life. He connected me to Win Over Cancer and this organisation has helped us greatly.” Layak Singh recalls. “Everyone I interacted with was extremely professional and polite, I never could have thought that there was an end to this misery, but I feel incredible having come out on the other side.” Layak Singh also told us that the last PET-CT of Gauri tells us that she is cancer free at the moment, which is a great news for the family. It is moment of triumph for them, for us and for you. We are indebted to Tally Educational for their continued support which has enabled us to make such an impact on people’s lives.

The mere fact that this family was able to beat cancer inspires us to keep working even harder everyday of our lives and our only hope is that you will continue to help us in the future.

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