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"A Ray of Hope: Damodar's Journey from Desperation to Triumph"

Meet Damodar Prasad. A cardboard worker from Bihar, he came to Delhi in 2016 in hopes of earning a better income. He comes from a family of 5 people. His wife and 3 kids depend on his money making ability to survive. Imagine his distress when he was informed by the doctors at Sarvodaya that he can no longer work because of his cancer diagnosis. He went to the hospital hoping for a different news, but Damodar finally caved in and decided to go for a few rounds of Chemo. After his initial treatments the doctors took a look at his latest Chest CT and informed him that a surgery would be necessary to combat his condition. The first question on Damodar’s mind was how much would it cost?

The doctors informed him that the minimum he would have to pay would be around 3 lakh rupees. Knowing that he could never arrange the money, Damodar refused the treatment outright and decided to leave the hospital. It was at this time that doctors at Sarvodaya reached out to Win Over Cancer to help this poor man out. We collected all our resources and contributed Rs 1,76,000 to his surgery. This surgery saved Damodar’s life. After the surgery, we also funded the entirety of Damodar’s remaining Chemo sessions to ensure that he had enough savings to support his family until he was able to work again. None of this would have been possible without your contributions. When you contribute to Win Over Cancer, you contribute to save the life of people like Damodar and by extension the people that depend on them. Now, Damodar has been advised by his doctors to only engage in mild work until next year after which he will able to resume his normal life. This is a story of victory over cancer in which both of our organizations played a vital role. The impact this simple act of goodwill had on these people’s lives fills our hearts with joy. Damodar thanks us in a whatsapp voice note with all his vigor and we thank you for trusting us 😊.

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