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"Harvesting Hope: Tek Chand's Battle Against Cancer and the Power of Community Support"

Tek Chand is the resident of Fatehpur, Bijnor. A village in Uttar Pradesh. He is a farmer by profession, and he works hard to cultivate his own land. Tek Chand and his brother care for a family of 8, including an elderly mother and both their children. Their way of life was threatened when the 2020 lockdown happened and Tek Chand was diagnosed with oral cancer. There was a lump on the underside of his tongue which was the primary cause of concern. He first underwent surgery in April of 2020 at Himalayan hospital in Dehradun. The doctors recommended a round of radiation post surgery to combat the growth. Things seemed well but then the doctors felt the need to run a few more tests. One of these tests was the PET-CT scan which is relatively expensive. Our organization, with support from Tally Solutions was able to fund Tek Chand’s scan which ensured that the doctors could detect the advancing of the disease and form conclusions about how to proceed with treatment. As it turns out Tek Chand did need another minor surgery which happened in October of 2021. Your support at the right time ensured that we were able to help this man in his fight against cancer. Now, his doctors are enthusiastic for his full recovery and he has been taken off both radiation and chemo. We hope that you will help us in the future to touch more lives like that of Tek Chand

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