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"A Ray of Hope: Dhairya's Journey Towards Recovery

Sometimes Cancer can strike at the unlikeliest of moments and affect that unlikeliest of people. Dhairya, a 7 yr old boy was referred to us through Dr Sumant Gupta and the administration of Sarvodhya hospital. This child was thought to be suffering from the flu when his parents brought him to the hospital back in 2020. Alas!

They were given the news that their child was afflicted with blood cancer. The family comes from the rural Faridabad.

This means that they neither have the information about what this disease is, nor do they have the financial resources to deal with it. Satyapal, Dhairya’s father, tells us that at the time of the diagnosis he was unemployed and was not able to afford the treatment. But the boy’s grandfather pitched in a huge chunk and the rest was met by Win Over Cancer.

The treatment is expensive, and Satyapal cannot afford most of it because of his meagre salary of Rs 10,000 as a school teacher. But because of your contributions and our efforts, Win Over Cancer has been able to give Dhairya a semblance of a normal childhood. Satyapal informs us that the child is doing well, but he worries about where the money will come from for his treatments in the future.

We continue to work towards a scenario where we can support them and ensure a healthy life for this child. It is heart breaking to see cancer striking children who’ve just started their lives. We can only hope to mitigate some hardships for the parents so that they may be able to see their child grow into a healthy adult and have a normal life. To this end, we shall never stop working. We thankyou for your kindness in letting us ensure the continuation of this work.

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