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"Defying the Odds: Manju Devi's Fight Against Cancer with Love and Support"

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Manju Devi is a 66-year-old woman who lives with her son, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters. Her son, Bablu Singh, is the sole earner of the family, earning a salary of 14,000 per month. 6-7 months ago, Manju Devi complained of chest pain and was diagnosed with cancer after undergoing tests. The news was distressing for her son, who was at a loss for what to do next in light of the situation. The sickness took a significant and devastating emotional toll on the whole family. Because Bablu had already lost his father 22 years before, he was determined to get his mother's health back to how it was.

As the family struggled to finance Manju Devi's treatment, through the hospital, they were connected with Win Over Cancer. Because of YOUR kindness, Manju Devi was able to get the necessary chemotherapy treatments for her cancer, which significantly improved her prognosis. Her family and relatives were the driving force behind her determination to overcome the illness.

Manju Devi's health is currently improving thanks to the medications that have been provided for her, and with the aid of her family and friends, she is continuing to combat the sickness. She was able to get the care she required thanks, in large part, to the financial aid that was offered by YOU. This gave her the greatest possible opportunity of making a full recovery.

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