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"Finding Light in the Darkness: Mohan Gupta's Battle Against Cancer"

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

This is Mohan, a 50 years old man residing in Delhi, working as a trader, with his wife and three children.

Mohan Gupta, a 50-year-old man from Delhi, was living a happy life with his wife and three children. He worked as a trader, but during the COVID-19 phase, he needed to consult a doctor for his kidney problem. Unfortunately, during his visit to the doctor, he received the devastating news that he was suffering from blood cancer. The family was in shock and grief as Mohan's trading was the only source of income for the family which he would not be able to continue due to his medical condition.

The high treatment cost for cancer was a mental toll on Mohan as well as his family. The family was surrounded by negativity and uncertainty. But, in the midst of their struggles, they received hope. Mohan was referred to the NGO "Win over Cancer" by his doctor, Dr Sumanth. Because of your generosity, Mohan is now receiving the best possible treatment and support under the careful supervision of Dr Suman. With YOUR help and support, Mohan can continue with his treatment and is on the road to recovery. Your generous donation helped Mohan with his treatment bill. He is now able to look forward to spending more time with his family and seeing his children grow up. Your kindness and support made a significant impact on Mohan's life and showed him that it is still good in the world.

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