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"From Adversity to Determination: Nakul's Journey of Hope and Resilience"

Mr. Nakul from Palwal was also referred to us by the Doctorial staff of Sarvodaya. He worked with a contractor who employed workers for DHBVN. His job was to go out in the field and get meter readings from his designated area. Nakul was diagnosed with cancer through the ESI medical aid and he was referred to Sarvodaya hospital in Faridabad. But after his employer found out about his condition, he decided to let Nakul go. The employer justified the firing by saying that a private organization of this size could not support one of their employees who took extended leaves and had such a medical condition. This loss of employment hit Nakul in two distinct ways. First, his regular source of income was no longer available. Second, the monetary support he received through ESI, which had enabled him to pursue treatment up until now, was now cut off. Despondent and desperate the family resorted to their savings. But after several months of treatments, they exhausted every last rupee that they had. It was at this point that their family found us. Win Over Cancer helped Nakul secure funding for his treatment.

He has undergone two surgeries in the last 6 months and we plan to aid him to the best of our ability. Sadly, Nakul can no longer work in the field because of his current physical health but he plans to take up farming to support his family. Nakul is on the last round of Chemo and hopes to beat this disease with our and your help. “ I would like to thank Win Over Cancer. This organization found us and supported us in a particularly dark times of our lives. We never thought we would get to this point but now I am determined to make it through this.” Recalls Nakul. This family exemplifies fortitude and grit. Even Nakul’s wife is a rock. She has been his support and they plan to make it through this. We are determined to help them with your support.

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