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"From Darkness to Hope: Suhana's Fight Against Cancer and the Power of Support"

Meet Suhana, a 15 year old girl of high ambitions.

She goes to school with her siblings, her mother takes care of her children at home and father works as a daily wage earned.

Life seemed happy for her. But the lockdown happened.

With lockdown, first her father lost his job. Things got stressful for the family. Family had no income to support online classes, hence Suhana had to leave school mid-way

6 months after, Suhana suffered high fever for 3 long months. Her parents got worried and took her to the doctor fearing of COVID.

But things got worst. She was diagnosed with blood cancer…

Family with no means of income, hardly affording food, how in the world could they get Suhana treated?

Doctors connected Win Over Cancer with Suhana’s mother. With YOUR support, we helped her with her treatment. Your generous donations helped Sanaha with chemotherapy

Today, Suhana is doing well. She is almost done with her treatment and is very happy.

She still needs us to get her treatment completed

And after that? She will still needs YOU to re-join her school. To spread her wings, fly and Win Over Cancer.

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