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"Hope Beyond Adversity: Robin Khan's Fight Against Cancer"

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A 35-year-old man named Robin Khan lives in Nuh, Haryana, with his mother, three brothers, wife, and six children. He was the family's sole earner, but his earnings were so low that he had to take out loans just to pay for his medication.

In February 2022, Robin was suffering from a high fever and went to see a doctor, who delivered the devastating news that he was suffering from blood cancer. At the time, Robin was devastated. The news was shocking to everyone in the family, and they were at a loss for words. The thought of losing a family member at such a young age was too much to bear. The news was a mental as well as a financial hit for the family, as the treatment costs were way too expensive for them.

One of his relatives brought him to the Metro hospital in Faridabad, where they were connected with the NGO, in hopes of better treatment options. Robin was able to undergo chemotherapy thanks to the financial assistance provided by YOU, giving him the opportunity to fight his illness.

The family had a strong faith in God and believed that their prayers would be answered. With the financial support provided by the NGO by YOU, Robin was able to receive the medical care he needs and is on his way to recovery. He still requires YOUR assistance in purchasing medicines and recovering from jaundice so that he can make a full recovery and continue living his life to the fullest.

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