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"Shattered Dreams, Resilient Hearts: Anita's Battle Against Cancer and the Family's Fight for Hope"

Meet Anita, she is a homemaker and a mother of two. She spent her days taking care of her family. She was happy, the family was happy. But fate had other things in mind. Anita went to the hospital for a check-up and was diagnosed with blood cancer. Life took a dark turn. The family had to contend with the mortality of the lady of the house. They had to accept the possibility that their life may no longer remain the same. Anita’s husband decided to get her the treatment she needed but things quickly got worse.

Lalit also lost his job when he cared for his wife and this further tightened the screw on their finances. It came to a point where the family could no longer afford the treatment. We found them in 2019 when they had already racked up considerable medical debt. Our organisation understood their plea and with the help of Tally Solutions we were able to settle some of their dues. We continue to support this family any way we can and we hope that you will continue to support our efforts for the same. Today, Anita is almost done with her treatments and the family’s life has returned to a form of normalcy. We only hope to help them maintain this and wish Anita the best for her future.

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